WeepCraft Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.7.2-1.7.10/1.6.4


WeepCraft is one of the best hacked client at the moment for Minecraft. It is PACKED with lots of great features like minimap, radar, aimbot, xray. This hack has it ALL. It worked without any problems when we tested it, both singleplayer and multiplayer in servers. It is one of the best clients we have tested so far. For PVP and Hunger games this client is a must have – minimap, rearview and radar combined with aimbot and auto options will make you almost immortal.

Author: WeepCraft started out in the minecraft 1.7.3 beta. It was first showcased on Youtube, but after heavy demand & feedback it was quickly released. The name stands for Weep(cry/sadness) and Craft(maker/creator), so CryMaker would what it stand for. It is a large client with tons of features and as a result of that, it might not be the best for a first time client user. A couple of weeks after the first release it was discontinued, due to a large amount of people leeching the client & making money on it. This together with a bunch of bugs it was much easier to re-code the client. Some time passed by and WeepCraft Reloaded was released. This version was way more stable with a more smooth base. WeepCraft is still being developed on and will most likely continue to be developed for a long time in the future. – FLYCODER

It’s hard to describe all the features, but we will try here ;)

  • Minimap
  • Radar
  • Text radar
  • RearView
  • World Mods
    • AFK Detect
    • Annihilator
    • Build
    • Build random
    • Counter
    • Excavator
    • Fast mine
    • Freecam
    • Fullbright
    • Jesus
    • Jetpack
    • No Cheat
    • No Fall
    • No Resis
    • Notify
    • Nuker
    • Nuker legit
    • Recording
    • Safe walk
    • Speed
    • Throw
    • Timer
    • Xray
  • Player mods
    • Anti AFK
    • Clean inventory
    • Climb
    • Dolphin
    • Fast place
    • Flight
    • Follow
    • Glide
    • High jump
    • Jerk
    • No swing
    • Safe AFK
    • Sneak
    • Sprint
    • Step
  • Graphics mods
    • Anti spam
    • Armor ESP
    • Big names
    • Chest ESP
    • Day
    • ESP
    • Flip
    • get High
    • Hit ESP
    • Label
    • Mob ESP
    • No Blind
    • No Render
    • No Weather
    • Overlay
    • Player ESP
    • Projectfiles
    • Remote View
    • Search
    • Tracer
    • Trail
    • Wallhack
    • Waypoint
    • WCHub
    • Wireframe
    • Zoom
  • Auto mods
    • Auto accept
    • Auto armor
    • Auto block
    • Auto command
    • Auto disconnect
    • Auto enchant
    • Auto farm
    • Auto fish
    • Auto mine
    • Auto place
    • Auto raid
    • Auto register
    • Auto respawn
    • Auto sign
    • Auto stew
    • Auto switch
    • Auto tool
    • Auto torch
    • Auto walk
  • Combat mods
    • Aimbot
    • Anti firebolt
    • Anti hurtcam
    • Bow aimbot
    • BunnyHop
    • Click aimbot
    • Crit
    • Kill aura
    • Kill aura legit
    • Knockback
    • Multi aura
  • Frames
    • AccountChecker
    • AccountCracker
    • ProxyChecker (HTTP)
    • Spammer
    • Stresser
  • In-game options
  • Other features…


WeepCraft hacked client WeepCraft hacked client

As you can see it works fine in multiplayer.

Weepcraft Xray

The X-ray is very good !

WeepCraft options

Xray options.

WeepCraft options

In-game GUI – again, lot’s of options you can chose between.

WeepCraft splash screen

The splash screen.

How to use – keybinds
Gui Menu: Left Control
Console Menu: Right Control

VersionAddedRemovedKnown BugsNotes
8.0AntiBlockLagg Setting
Button to add servers to the list ingame.
Crit works with nocheat on. it should notFixed replaced text not having the correct length
Fixed loading not telling you what the error was when failing
Server manager now in order by when the server was added
new default cape
7.9Server listserver list no longer works. update to 8.0 for new oneUpdated AntiJammer to once again work.
Fixed attributes & loading
Opening of folders & URLs should now work on all OS (for updating & server list & such)
Fixed a vanilla crash exploit
Minor bug fixes & a few searching once with the alt manager
Shoutbox now has weepforums colors
7.8Temp loading to save my mysql from crapping out now that i have to move.
7.7Button to switch between 1.7.2 & 1.7.9Fixed searching in alt manager not saving alts
Fixed keybind & xray manager not saving
Fixed clear not worksing for socials & fixed adminclose & leave events for autotoggle
encryption changes again
few minor bug fixes
7.6Admin Command
AntiJammer setting
Admin close & leave autotoggle events
Alot of config files are seperated, this should be easier to share your different configs & to edit them
waypoints & socials & keybinds are in seperate config files based on servers making you beable to share your waypoints / friends / admins / enemies with your grief request
Minor bug fixes
Stresser now has a Random Request option & host supports {request}
Loading has been entirely changed. now requires a wf login. unfuntunatly this means all older versions will be killed yet again :(
Fixed a crash issue with the module manager
account manager will now give more info about the failed login
Account Checker/Cracker no longer consider demo accounts as working accounts
7.5Hotfix for minecraft taking down there old login servers, alt manager, account checker, account cracker now works again.
fixed an issue with reset to default
still waiting for mcp to update past 1.7.2 to update to newer versions of mc.
Minor loading changes
If you dont care that the alt manager is not working, then no need to update simply a hotfix for that
7.4enemyclose & enemyleave events for autotoggle
Shoutbox & RemoteControl & Font manager
Stabilized the shoutbox & made it support custom channels
Fixed autoregister not bypassing ncp
Many minor bug fixes
Moved alot of stuff around in the Client Settings
New loading once again, standalone sb will be dropped soon due to the many loading changes
Last Server
Remote control
IRCAdded the new loading as a backup.
Fixed an issue with vip features not disabling
Fixed an issue with certain modules not turning off when disabling the client
Attempted to spread & organize the modules abit
new vip loading system.. both of these are tests.
Many minor bug fixes
7.1Minor bug fixes
Fixed issue with attributes & fully implemented it
7.0Reconnect button
Direct connect button
Lagg Value
Minor bug fixes
Overlay now shows dmg
Sorta added support for accessories
Tweaked buildrandom
Modes can now have spaces
this version includes attribute stress testing.
6.9Fixed many 6.7-6.8 issues
Made jesus work with nocheat
Made sneak work with nocheat
Update screen will now show information about latest version
Fixed an issue with autofish & made it select tool
Fixed a coloring issue with vips
You can no longer attack your friends (donno when or why this was gone)
6.8Remoteview crashes youHotfix for the many entity based modules only beingable to read 5 blocks from them rendering the client useless for testing
Still expect quite a few bugs. report them in the help section, much has changed code wise in 6.7 & many module interact differently with the changes
6.7Item value
Proxy Manager
Annihilator (Nuker has a multi id setting now)
Fixed an issue with remoteview
Fixed an issue where the hwid caused a small amount of fps drop
Many minor bug fixes
Massive changes to the event system that might cause issues
Fixed nuker not bypassing ncp
Fixed an issue with the checker & accounts that contains the email aswell
Minimized autoarmor’s looping & put in the inventory button it had before 5.0
Added AutoCrafting button on inventory, now also supports 2×2 crafting, & if a crafting table is near it will attempt to use that insted of the 2×2
Modules now allow for more custom settings than just id & mode, first module to implement this is nuker, (will more than likely become vip in the future)
Reduced Text Radar & Radar entity looping
Remoteview now shows armor & hand item when going to the inventory
Rewrote how block updating/getting is handled to reduce looping
Rewrote how entity updating/getting is handled now also prioritizes much better Enemies > Players > hostile mobs is the current system & in some cases loop less.
Changed bowaimbot abit
6.6ID to jetpack
Drop hand to drop command
Added the perm wc textured
Shoutbox it was using to many resources & resulted in me losing my mysql databaseRecode search & xray removed a couple of events from them to make it lagg less. no longer supports opacity
6.5The removed features from 1.7.2
Mode to mobesp
xray is still abit messed up gatta wait for complete mcp for a fixMinor Bug fixes
Fixed config being in the wrong folder
Fixed waypoints
Enchant (is back)
Fixed all the KNOWN bugs from 1.7.2
6.3Silent setting
Couple of simple gui skins
UDP Stresser option
Slow loris Stresster option
Lagg value aint working
Alt manager is broken
Remoteview crashes you
Label messes with other graphic modules
Fixed proxy manager connect & tweaked it
Minor bug fixes
Tweaked autocraft & now allows for half stacks
Tweaked killaura
Made shouts go to the chat & made a none vip setting to disable it entirely
Tweaked Rearview & minimap
Made you on the radar show up as a head
AutoFarm now works for sugar cane
Remade parts of the gui to allow for custom skins
Tweaked autoenchant & made it bypass ncp
Auto Raid
WCHub disables all kinda shit.
Proxy manager not connecting to proxies
Shoutbox is not working
Minimap bugs out a couple of esp modules
Rearview bugs out label
Tweaked xray
Tweaked AutoCrafting & added support for crafting all
Tweaked drops & window clicks & made them faster
Fixed a minor issue with autostew
Made chestesp esp minecart chests
Tweaked Account manager
6.1Proxy manager not connecting to proxies
Shoutbox is not working
Minimap bugs out a couple of esp modules
Rearview bugs out label
Hotfix for crashing issue
6.0Modes to flight
Valid yaw option
Target value
RearView Player
Tweaked packet system
Fixed light level showing incorrect id
Made screen menu into a hub
Tweaked auto crafting
Tweaked hub menu
encrypted unquie ids are now generated on download & will be verified in the future
5.9Radar is now resizeable
Download function to stresser
Map textureRearView bugs out when advanced opengl is on
Shoutbox cannot send messages
Heavy encrypted the vip checks to prevent server admins from checking your vip status
Tweaked autostew
Hopefully fixed a chunk error with rearview & also made it zoom out 20%
Added health to wc labels
Tweaked labels & bigname
Minor bugs & spell errors fixed
5.8Message left option
Commands can now have aliases (AutoStew AutoSoup, NoResis NoSlow, etc)
Settings Manager
Rearview Yaw & Pitch option
Gui Manager
Module Manager
RearView bugs out when advanced opengl is onChanged overlay abit.
Hub has been changed abit
Minor gui saving issue fixed
Gui now allows for custom menus (via gui manager)
5.7Heads in alt manager
Auto Crafting
Help command
Map Texture option
Instant craft does not work if nocheat is enabledSet down shoutbox load delay for vip’s
Renamed Radar to Text Radar
Fixed lists not loading if list only contains 1 value.
5.6New video to the tut’s menu
Setting for WC labels
Fixed armor esp flipping horses upside down
Fixed label messing with other graphic modules
Attempted to fix some of the xray issues people are talking about
Set down the shoutbox load delay
5.5Armor esp flipping horses upside down
Label messing with other graphic modules
Xray is abit buggy
Fixed a couple of mistakes from the update (RemoteView & Xray)
Fixed auto reconnect & reconnect blocking disconnect text
Fixed enchant all having 2 spaces
WC labels
Anihilator & clean inventory to the Manager Menu
Shoutbox Menu
Changed fullbright abit
Fixed checker & cracker repeatly attemping accounts if the account is not Premium
Fixed Gui not letting you close if console in gui is disabled
Updated to minecraft 1.6.4
5.3Keybind/Xray/Mode/ID manager
Background option
Reconnect & Auto Reconnect
Will randomly not let you fullscreen. Gui will not close if console in gui is disabledFixed gui key being typed in console
Changed keybinding abit
Main menu now shows if your hwid or username vip
Text shadow option
Rei’s minimap
mode & id to fastmine
Space value in screen menu
Potion value in screen menu
Block value in screen menu
Light value in screen menu
Will randomly not let you fullscreen.Nuker is now faster if your in creative mode & nocheat is not enable
5.1Tutorials in client settings
ID to flight
Fixed minor issues & spell errors
Attempted to fix lagg issues with nuker
Fixed say not being able to be bound to more than 1 key
Fixed ID’s not being able to be doubles
5.0XRay disables smooth lightRecoded WeepCraft
4.6HotFix for killaura
4.5Spam in console
Disable WeepCraft
Autotool does not pick swordRemoved more broken/patched features to get ready to the new WeepCraft
Fixed alt manager search function
Heads from alt manager
Autotool does not pick sword
Am sure there more bugs since a lot of things has changed. feel free to inform of so in the help section on the forums
Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2
Fixed scorebroads not showing
some of the features removed in this version will come back.
4.3Auto Eat now skips spider eyes
Changed the host the loading loads from
4.2Hot Fix for loading issue with 4.1
4.1EnchantFixed version sometimes being private
Lower chance of getting “Cut not load”
4.0Hotfix for loading issues with 3.8-3.9
3.9Removed unique id’s generated when downloaded it was to much of a load for my host to handleMore stable vip system
More stable loading
3.8Changed loading alot
Rewrote VIP system
Rewrote the method of encrypting hwids (that means all old hwids will need to resend the new hwid with proof of payment)
Rewrote cape system to allow for custom capes
Added support for beta releases
Fixed some of the FPS issues from 3.5
3.7AutoEnchantThe say command takes you to the main menuUpdated Pwnage
Updated Crasher
Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2
Added color support for the text on MainMenu
Stress*VIP (Beta feature noway near done)
WeepServer auto addHotFix for FPS issues with 3.5
Minor changes to the loading
Readded those features you all whine so much about… if weepcraft continue to get issues due to those features it will be closed entirely. i guess that is what you want
Nuker control *VIP
NukerLegit control *VIP
Readded that buggy Godmode you all ask for -.-
Fixed all modes having double [] when typed wrong
Fixed protect not protecting nametags
Changed the rendering abit
Improved VIP system
Proxy Scraper (it was broken & since it was mainly used for crasher & pwnage i didnt feel the need to fix it now where they are gone)
Fixed some rendering issues
Changed the loading alot
Fixed vip command
The reasons for the removed features are simple. they causing too many problems with victims of these features
3.3Proxy ManagerProxy Scraper dont work
Pwnage/Crasher scraper anit working
VIP command says wrong info
Fixed wallhack
Updated to 1.5.1
Added heads to acc manager
3.2Random button for account managerPwnage/Crasher
Fixed server status
Fixed loading sometimes fucking up
3.1AntiFireballPwnage / Crasher is broken
Server status is not working
Backup host for ddos attacks
Minor bug fixes
Cleaninventory dupe saving fixed
New Account Manager
McBans Check*VIP
Updated to mc 1.5
Temp removed terrian from radar
3.0Better sorting system for blacklist
Search feature for blacklist
Settings for blacklist*VIP
2.9Modes for autoaccept
Disable WeepCraft button
Sorting system for BlackList
2.8Fixed BlackList
Fixed Pwnage & Crasher
Updated to new Host
Improved BlackList
2.7Crasher & Pwnage is brokenMinor bug fixes
HotFix for BlackList
Temp Fix for WeepCraft.tk bering down
2.6ESP *Supports (minecraftcart chests, chest, enderchest), Furnace, EnchantmentTable, Or all above
Server Status (tells you if the server is cracked) enabled by default
MouseOver Screen menu
Biome Screen menu
ChestespCrasher & Pwnage is brokenChanged some buttons around
Remade Nuker
Remade Afkdetect now support modes
Waypoints now support modes (Death, Lightning, Both)
Fixed a crash issue with displaying new screen
WeepCraft Server blackList. add your Servers on WeepCraft.tk
2.5Save file makes a bunch of dupes for some reasonMinor tweaks to excavator
Fixed stand alone console not display text sometimes
Fixed social lists bering saved multiple times
HOTFIX for 2.1 to 2.4 broken auto update
2.4Excavator *VIPAdvanced hud mod.Save file makes a bunch of dupes for some reasonFixed autosign
Updated Optifine
Added more frames to WeepCraft menu
Changed fullbright
2.3Advanced HudFixed all issues regarding update
Autosign is buggy
Gui achievement crashes when open
Added credits menu
Made custom modes (fx autocommand) support mutliple words
Made a toggle for Terrain rendering on the radar
Updated Optifine
Fixed Main Menu displaying public version insted of vip version
2.2Auto Command
Modes for HackHub
Build bypass
More advanced Custom build
Killswich too many false positiveMain menu display wrong Version info
Sliders removes
Player is not drawn in information menu
Fixed nofall
Recoded WeepCraft bases saving will not work with old saves
Made nocheat enable by default so retarded people stop complaining that shit dont bypass
Made console messages send chat messages if console is not open
Improved AutoStew on nocheat servers
VIP Price increase too 5 (from 3)
Fixed one CraftSquare
Reduced weepcraft size
Hwid VIPs will need to resend the new HWID
2.1Nofall brokenFixed Xray
Fixed Fastmine
2.0Updated to 1.4.7
1.9Fixed nukerlegit only nuking 1 block then stopping
Tuned down the amount of Crack threads that can be run at once. to avoid not responing errors
Fixed nofall
1.8AccountCrack Gui *VIP
Gui for AccountCheck
Proxy Support for AccountCheck
Custom Waypoints
Scan for blocks ID
Waypoint imports
Killaura Render Sphere
Nofall is abit buggy
1.6Build mode WC
Made Flight not slow down mining
Knockback makes you flyFixed all the 1.5 issues
Crit Should not be in this version and its not working. forgot to delete it before compling
1.5Capes not showing
Xray not working
Jesus Not working
Friend/enemy/admin list not working
Builds not working
Fixed new capes not rendering sometimes
Removed advanced hub getting sick of getting told it crashes. might readd it when the creator steps hes game up
Fixed account file randomly not skipping # lines
Updated to mc 1.4.6
Quite a few Mistakes/Bugs in 1.5 not going to have time to fix them for atleast a couple of days due to xmas. *WeepCraft got a new Website btw
1.4Focus Menu (Displays DerpCopy/aimbot/killaura/bowaimbot/etc targets name)
New Wallhack
Fixed some spell errors
Fixed cleaninventory and made it save
Semi fixed buggy rearview. made it useable atleast
Improved the std Killaura
Turned AutoStew Amount left into a dragable menu insted
AccountCheck now support more combos
AccountCheck now will remove duplicate accounts
New MainMenu
Added Killaura distance support
Greatly improved Derps and fixed that they dont bypass
1.3Fixed a couple of mistake and left overs from testing.
Fixed Autotool
Fixed Donate link
Minor Touch ups on some methods.
AccountChecker *Vip
Armorusage Menu
VIP check
Autotool is weird on some blocksRecoded waypoint handling entirely hopefully fixed saving issue
Toolusages now shows all item uses (fishing rod shears, armor & so on)
KillAura Legit *Vip
Waypoints dont saveFixed Freecam For Real…
Improved Auto Stew Greatly
Updated advanced hud .. again
1.0Donaters NamePlates
Command to check minecraft version
Out Of Bound Gui (Makes your Gui able to go out of the screen)
Worldedit replace all
GuiScreen for console only (Right Shift Default key)
Waypoints dont saveFixed click aimbot always hitting
Fixed Flight and speed not be able to move on low ID
Updated to 1.4.5
Updated Advanced hud from 1.3.2 to 1.4.5
Fixed Freecam
0.9Click AimbotWaypoints dont saveMade none nocheat killaura hit multiple people
Fixed Nuker mode smash smashing 24/7
Fixed search ID not showing up in the console
Fixed Silent mode on killaura not showing up the console
Fixed a crash issue with 1.4.5 servers
0.8More bowaimbots
Silent mode for killaura
Waypoints dont saveFixed HighJump not working
Fixed Drops and made the console little more helpful about the drops
0.7Waypoints dont saveFixed Gui not bering able to move
0.6Waypoints dont save
Gui cant move
Updated to Minecraft 1.4.4
0.5Waypoints dont saveHopefully fixed the dropbox issue
0.4Some more hintsGodWaypoints dont saveFixed Auto mining not disabling
Hotfix for signs not displaying
0.3Hints on first game join
WeepCraft loading screen
Waypoints dont saveFixed HackHub displaying all custom windows hack
Fixed autosign not working
Fixed God mode crashing the game when nocheat is enable
Fixed Freecam not being able to go though blocks
0.2Waypoints dont saveFixed Mac user crash
Fixed spell errors derp
Fixed Crash when using Gui outside of game
Fixed console not displaying autopoison
0.1WeepCraft reloaded released

Creator: Flycoder

How to install WeepCraft client

  • Download and extract the zip file. You now have a folder, this folder should contain a jar and json file.
  • Navigate to “%appdata%/.minecraft/versions” folder.
  • Move the hacked client folder from the downloaded zip file, to your .minecraft/versions folder.
  • Start the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click “New Profile”.
  • Choose a name for your profile.
  • In “Use verison:” choose “release [Client name]“.
  • Click “Save Profile”.
  • Enjoy the power of WeepCraft !

You can also check out our how to install hacked clients guide.


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