Nodus Hacked Client for Minecraft


Nodus is one of the best known hacked clients for Minecraft. In this version, the code has been updated to work for the latest version of Minecraft.

It adds lots of features to Minecraft, for example fly hack, auto mine, wallhack, aimbot and lots of other features. Most of the features also works in multiplayer on Minecraft servers, but it is advised to use hacks with caution. Use at own risk!



Nodus Hacked Client for Minecraft Nodus Hacked Client for Minecraft Nodus Hacked Client for Minecraft


How to use Nodus

U = Console



  • High Jump
  • Auto Egg
  • Auto Fish
  • Derp
  • Full Bright
  • Auto Sign
  • Auto Mine
  • Auto Walk
  • Click Aimbot
  • Fast Break
  • Step
  • Waypoints
  • Sneak
  • Aimbot
  • Timer
  • Wallhack
  • Build
  • Force Field
  • Day
  • No Swing
  • Freecam
  • Weather
  • Cave Finder
  • Spider
  • ESP
  • Tracers
  • Auto Tool
  • Water Walking
  • Xray
  • No Render
  • Text Radar
  • Sprint
  • No Fall
  • Fly
  • Chest Finder
  • Nuker
  • Fast Place
  • Notifications



Compatible versions: Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.7.4


Nodus Changelogs

1. Basic / Client / Sourcecode
+ New class-structure [try to deobfuscate it, dear skids!]
+ Improved the obfuscater, smaller classes [also try to deobfuscate this, skids!]
* Client update to rel-1.7.2 (I didn’t used MCP to update this version, it took me 28 full hours of work…)
2. GUI
+ Added ‘add to friend list’ & ‘add to enemy list’ at radar
+ Color settings: right click -> lastcolor, left click -> nextcolor
* faster window dragging
* Improved the width / height variables [gives about 2 – 3 more FPS]
* Fixed Tooltip renderer
* Better “push” of windows
* Fixed some bugs at the radar
* Improved the radar
* Fixed some minor bugs
– The RearView is currently not working
3. Hacks
* Fixed the CaveFinder
* Improved FullBright
* Improved xRay
4. Chat
* Fixed TAB Complete
– message-stacking is currently not working
5. Hacks/Commands
+ Added browse-command (to open any website with default browser)
+ Liquids (water and lava) are breakable with the Water hack
+ Improved the Block-selection at Nuker
+ Added insult-command [and a special for kinky users…]
+ ForceField now with NoCheat-ByPass
+ Block one-hit function at Freecam
+ Added ‘check’-button at the Account Settings (no automatic check)
+ Cavefinder when stucking in freecam
* Fixed ‘chat’-command
* Fixed ‘tracer mode both’
* Fixed ‘aimbot mode both’
* Fixed ‘forcefield mode both’
Sorry, but I can’t add NoFlinch, AutoMine, AutoFish, AutoTool, AutoSoup, BlockESP & unpushable in this update.
There is currently no MCP, like already said…


Remake of the complete client from beginning to the end.
– Known issues:
– RearView doesn’t work
– TextRadar doesn’t work
Future updates:
– RearView
– Spectate
– Account Settings
= Fixed Tab-Crashing
= Fixed Tab
= Fixed MAC OS X
= Improved MapRadar
= Improved TextRadar
= Improved Fly[Up-Down]Speed
= Improved FlySpeed [1.0 is normal walk speed]
= Fixed Nuker Block Selection
= Fixed Nuker
= Fixed Waypoint Crash at Invalid Color
= Speed UP BlockESP
= Unlagged BlockESP
= Improved ChestFinder – Rendering
= Improved NameTags
= Fixed Sprint
= Fixed ‘tracers mode both’
= Fixed ‘esp mode both’
= Fixed ‘forcefield mode both’
= Fixed ‘aimbot mode both’
= Improved Spider
= Improved Water
= Changed Tracer Skin
= Fixed Tab-Complete
= Fixed Sprint
= Fixed scrolling at click editor
= Fixed scrolling at Tab editor
= Fixed scrolling at Bind editor
= Changed Highlight of NameTags [Its now 100% in foreground]
= Improved Build
= Chestfinder now also respects doublechests []
= Improved Hightlight of Nuker
= Improved Hightlight of BlockESP
= Improved Fullbright
= Smoother Fullbright
= Fixed Disable Nametags
= Fixed ParticleTime at ESP
= Improved ESP
= Improved CaveFinder
= Fixed ParticleTime at Tracers
= Fixed ParticleTime at Nuker
= Fixed ParticleTime at Tracers
= Fixed ParticleTime at BlockESP
= Improved HighJump, height!
+ Added DoS – Tool – LOIC (low orbit ion cannon)
+ Chestfinder now in foreground
+ Readded “Move Up” and “Move Down” to Click Editor
+ Readded Scroll Bar at Click Editor
+ Fixed relation of mouse bug of Edit/Delete at Click Editor
+ Readded “Move Up” and “Move Down” to Tab Editor
+ Readded Scroll Bar at Tab Editor
+ Fixed relation of mouse bug of Edit/Delete at Tab Editor
+ Readded “Move Up” and “Move Down” to Bind Editor
+ Readded Scroll Bar at Bind Editor
+ Fixed relation of mouse bug of Edit/Delete at Bind Editor
+ Keybinds now can have more then 1 Command
+ Added ChestFinder tracer (use ‘chestfinder tracers’)
+ Added NodusButton Highlighting
+ Added ‘Reconnect’ to Ingame Menu
+ Added Nodus – “Reload” Command [Restart Nodus itself]
+ Improved Aimbot LookView
+ Fixed GUI Hightlightning
+ Fixed Build Bug
+ Added AutoBlock
+ Added Hack List
+ Added Build Mode Swastika
+ Added smoother ESP Off/On
+ Added smoother Tracers Off/On
+ Added BetterZoom [BowZoom]
+ Added Dolphin
+ Added BreadCrumb
+ Added Trajectories
+ Added Regen [AutoRegenerate]
+ Fixed Steal All
+ Bypassed Steal All
+ Fixed Steal List
+ Bypassed Steal List
+ Fixed Store List
+ Bypassed Store List
+ Fixed Skins
+ Fixed V.I.P Capes
+ Better Event System [Internal Change]
+ Better Class-Hooking
+ Readded IRC now finally [At least as long as the servers keep up…]
+ Added Autoblock
+ Added Glide
+ Added Unpushable
+ Added BowAimbot [like tha old school Nodus…]
+ Readded AutoRespawn


How to install Nodus hacked client for Minecraft

Always read the included readme/install instructions. Otherwise use this method to install:

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Navigate to “%appdata%/.minecraft/versions” folder.
  • Move the “Nodus” folder to your versions folder. The Nodus folder should contain Nodus.jar and Nodus.json.
  • Start the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click “New Profile” and use the following settings:
  • Profile name: Nodus
  • Use verison: release Nodus
  • Click “Save Profile”.
  • Choose the newly created profile and start playing!
  • It will tell you that there is a new update, just ignore this message as this is the most recent.

Video guide: how to install Minecraft hacks

Download Links
Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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