Wurst Client for Minecraft 1.15.x

Creator: Alexander01998

Another quick update for Wurst which now works for the latest version of Minecraft – v. 1.15.x (including 1.15.2).

What would you like to see in future versions of Wurst? Comment below and let us know!

Since this is just a pre-release, all the features are not included in this version.

A full list of all the features can be seen below.

The client features three different GUIs (graphical user interface), which are the window-based click GUI, Tab GUI and Navigator.

How to use Wurst Client

After you installed the client (instructions below), you just launch Minecraft and open the menu/GUI in one of the following ways:

  • Window-based GUI: Right CTRL
  • Navigator: Right Shift

Wurst Client Minecraft Hacks – Features

This is the full list of all the features included in this version of the Wurst Hacked Client. More features will be included in future releases.

  • AntiAFK
  • AntiBlind
  • AntiCactus
  • AntiKnockback
  • AntiSpam
  • AntiWaterPush
  • AntiWobble
  • AutoArmor
  • AutoBuild
  • AutoDrop
  • AutoEat
  • AutoFarm
  • AutoFish
  • AutoLeave
  • AutoMine
  • AutoRespawn
  • AutoSign
  • AutoSprint
  • AutoSteal
  • AutoSwim
  • AutoSwitch
  • AutoTool
  • AutoWalk
  • BaseFinder
  • Blink
  • BoatFly
  • BonemealAura
  • BuildRandom
  • BunnyHop
  • ChestESP
  • ClickAura
  • CrashChest
  • Derp
  • Dolphin
  • Excavator
  • ExtraElytra
  • FancyChat
  • FastBreak
  • FastLadder
  • FastPlace
  • FightBot
  • Fish
  • Flight
  • Follow
  • Freecam
  • Fullbright
  • Glide
  • HeadRoll
  • HealthTags
  • HighJump
  • ItemESP
  • ItemGenerator
  • Jesus
  • Jetpack
  • Kaboom
  • Killaura
  • KillauraLegit
  • KillPotion
  • Liquids
  • LSD
  • MileyCyrus
  • MobESP
  • MobSpawnESP
  • MultiAura
  • NoFall
  • NoWeb
  • Nuker
  • Overlay
  • Panic
  • Parkour
  • PlayerESP
  • Protect
  • Radar
  • RainbowUI
  • Reach
  • SafeWalk
  • ScaffoldWalk
  • Search
  • ServerCrasher
  • SkinDerp
  • Sneak
  • Spider
  • Timer
  • Tired
  • TP-Aura
  • Trajectories
  • TriggerBot
  • TrollPotion
  • TrueSight
  • Tunneller
  • X-Ray
  • Alt Manager
  • Changelog Button
  • HackList
  • Keybind Manager
  • Middle Click Friends
  • Server Clean Up
  • ServerFinder
  • Wurst Logo (can be disabled)
  • Zoom


This is the in-game commands that can be used with Wurst.

  • .addalt
  • .annoy
  • .author
  • .binds
  • .blink
  • .clear
  • .copyitem
  • .damage
  • .drop
  • .enchant
  • .excavate
  • .features
  • .follow
  • .friends
  • .getpos
  • .give
  • .gm
  • .goto
  • .help
  • .leave
  • .modify
  • .path
  • .protect
  • .rename
  • .say
  • .setcheckbox
  • .setmode
  • .setslider
  • .t
  • .taco
  • .tp
  • .vclip
  • .viewnbt


The changelog shows that a lot of features are back in this version of Wurst.

  • Added a warning to Glide saying that, unless you use NoFall, you will still take fall damage with it enabled.
  • Added a “Priority” setting to TP-Aura.
  • Added filters to FightBot.
  • Added filters to Follow.
  • Added filters to Protect.
  • Added filters to TP-Aura.
  • AntiAFK is back!
  • Excavator is back!
  • Excavator will now show a preview of the area before you confirm the selected positions.
  • FightBot is back!
  • Fixed Protect sometimes still rendering a path when the “Use AI” setting is disabled.
  • Fixed removing keybinds through Navigator not working in some specific cases.
  • Fixed the syntax for .path and .goto not saying how to turn them off.
  • Follow is back!
  • Glide is back!
  • HealthTags is back!
  • HighJump is back!
  • KillPotion is back!
  • MultiAura is back!
  • Note: These filters control what you attack, not what you protect.
  • Overlay is back!
  • Parkour and SafeWalk will now disable each other, since having both enabled at the same time would make SafeWalk very unsafe.
  • Parkour is back!
  • Protect is back!
  • Radar is back!
  • SafeWalk is back!
  • TP-Aura is back!
  • TrollPotion is back!
  • Tunneller is back!
  • Updated Fabric loader to 0.7.6+build.180.
  • Updated Yarn mappings to 1.15.2+build.8.
  • .excavate is back!
  • .follow is back!
  • .follow will no longer toggle Follow if no target is specified. (Use .t follow for that.)
  • .goto is back!
  • .path is back!
  • .protect is back!
  • .protect will no longer toggle Protect if no target is specified. (Use .t protect for that.

Mods – Features – Description

  • AntiKnockback: Protects you from getting knocked back.
  • AntiSpam: Protects you from chat spam.
  • AutoAdSign: Writes an ad for GriefWurst on every sign you place.
  • AutoBuild: Builds stuff whenever you place a block. Modes: Bridge, Floor, Swastika, Penis, Pillar, Wall, Wurst
  • AutoMine: Automatically mines a block if you look at it.
  • AutoRespawn: Automatically respawns you whenever you die.
  • AutoSign: Instantly writes whatever text you want on every sign you place.
  • AutoSwitch: Switches the item in your hand all the time.
  • AutoWalk: Automatically walks all the time.
  • BuildRandom: Builds random shit.
  • ChestESP: Allows you to see chests through walls. Works with piston crates.
  • Criticals: Changes all your hits to critical hits.
  • Derp: Makes other players unable to see where you’re looking at.
  • Dolphin: Automatically swims like a dolphin.
  • FastBreak: Allows you to break blocks faster.
  • FastEat: Eat faster!
  • FastLadder: Allows you to climb up ladders faster.
  • FastPlace: Allows you to place blocks 5 times faster.
  • /home: Types “/home” instantly.
  • FightBot: Automatically fights for you. Walks around and kills everything.
  • Flight: Makes you fly.
  • Follow: Follows the closest entity. Very annoying.
  • ForceOP (a.k.a. AuthMeCracker): Cracks other people’s AuthMe passwords. You can get OP by cracking an admin’s password.
  • Freecam: Allows you to fly out of your body.
  • Fullbright: Allows you to see in the dark.
  • Glide: Makes you fall like if you had a hang glider.
  • Headless: Makes you look like you were headless.
  • HealthTags: Adds the health of players to their nametags.
  • HighJump: Makes you jump six times higher.
  • InstantBunker: Instantly builds a bunker (5x5x3 with 57 blocks) around you.
  • Invisibility (a.k.a. Godmode): Makes you invisible to other players if you die and respawn near them. It only works on vanilla servers.
  • ItemESP: Allows you to see items through walls.
  • Jesus: Allows you to walk on water.
  • Jetpack: Allows you to jump in mid-air. It looks like if you had a jetpack.
  • KillAura: Automatically attacks everything in your range.
  • Liquids: Allows you to interact with liquid blocks.
  • MassTPA: Sends a TPA request to all players. Stops if someone accepts.
  • Miley Cyrus: Makes you twerk all the time.
  • MobESP: Allows you to see mobs through walls.
  • NameTags: Changes the scale of the nametags so you can always read them.
  • NoFall: Protects you from fall damage.
  • NoHurtcam: Disables the annoying effect when you get hurt.
  • Nuker: Destroys blocks around you. Modes: Normal, ID, Flat (Flat mode only destroys blocks above your feet.)
  • Only Mobs/Players: Makes other mods only target mobs or players.
  • Overlay: Renders the Nuker animation when you mine a block.
  • Panic: Turns off all enabled mods.
  • Phase: Exploits a bug in NoCheat+ that allows you to glitch through blocks.
  • PlayerESP: Allows you to see players through walls.
  • Protect: Follows the closest entity and protects it.
  • Regen: Regenerates your health 100 times faster.
  • RemoteView: Allows you to see the world as someone else.
  • Search: Helps you to find specific blocks. Use .search to specify it.
  • Sneak: Automatically sneaks all the time.
  • Spider: Allows you to climb up walls like a spider.
  • Sprint: Makes you sprint whenever you walk.
  • Step: Allows you to step up full blocks.
  • Timer: Changes the speed of almost everything.
  • Tracers: Draws lines to players around you.
  • TrueSight: Allows you to see invisible entities.
  • X-Ray: Allows you to see ores and caves through walls.
  • YesCheat+: Makes other mods bypass NoCheat+ or disables them.

How to install Wurst for Minecraft

Please note: Do NOT use OptiFine version HD U F4, it has a bug that will break the Xray feature. Use OptiFine version HD U F3 instead.

  1. Download the Fabric installer with the following selections:
    • Installation for: Vanilla
    • Installer version:
    • Download the installer: (select either Windows/.EXE or Universal/.JAR)
  2. Open and run the Fabric installer as follows:
    • Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 or 19w45a (select the right download below)
    • Show snapshots: Yes
    • Loader Version: 0.6.3+build.168
    • Select Install Location: (leave it at the default)
    • Create profile: (leave it enabled)
  3. Download the Fabric API: Fabric for 1.15.2 or for 1.14.4.
  4. Download Wurst (download links below).
  5. Place both Wurst and the fabric API in your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder.
  6. You are ready to use Wurst!
Download Links
Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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