Diffusion Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.7.2


While Diffusion client does not come with hundreds of different features, it has a lot of mods installed in the client. While all the mods is not working at the moment, the team is working on fixing bugs etc. so expect new releases to come. It has some of the more popular features like fly, x-ray, esp hacks and combat hacks.

About: This client was coded by Bacca and Chris over at Team Infinity. It has over 25 mods pre-installed. Have fun with the client and enjoy! – Bacca

How to use

Right Shift – to bring up GUI / Menu

Diffusion Hacked Client Diffusion Hacked Client for Minecraft

Features and keybinds

Armor ESP – DOWN
Auto Tool – J
Bread crumbs – B
Chest ESP – Y
Click Teleportation – NONE
Criticals – Semicolon
Player ESP – P
Fast break – I
Fast place – L
Flight – R
Fullbright – C
Glide – UP Key
God Mode – NONE
Kill Aura – K
Mob Aura – NONE
NoFall – N
NoSwing – NONE
NoWeather – M
Nuker – V
Regen – G
Safewalk – NONE
Step – COMMA
Projectiles – Z
Wallclimb – H
Xray – X


.bind add [hack] [bind] / bind del [bind]
.cc – Currently NOT working
.friend add/del [player]
.theme (color: blue, orange, purple, read)
.toggle [hack]
.tp [player]
.say (message)
.up [amount]


Download Links
Download and use at your own risk. We do not create, nor host any clients, programs or downloads in general.

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