Gemini Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4 (w/ OptiFine)

Creator: Krisp

Gemini is another Minecraft hacked client with lots of features. As some of the most important we can mention ESP (kind of wallhack), Xray (very popular in Minecraft hacks), fly, combat cheats (like Auto soup) and of course the console where you can use all the commands from below. It works in multiplayer (so be aware that you don’t get banned) and has its own menu in-game.

Author description:
Gemini began as a crappy client used mostly for a coding project. After a while (after Nodus was discontinued), I saw an opportunity to release this client to the public and give them something to cheat with again. I started the re-code about one month ago. I did a lot of work and I think it’s pretty much pure baws now ;) enjoy! – Krisp


Gemini Hacked Client Menu Gemini client Xray Gemini hacked client for Minecraft Gemini Client splash screen

  • AutoBlock [NCP] – Automatically blocks when using KillAura.
  • AutoFish [NCP] – Automatically pulls back line after fish bite and recasts.
  • AutoJump [NCP] – Automatically jumps for you.
  • AutoQuit [NCP] – Automatically quits at |x| hearts. (Default 3 hearts)
  • AutoSoup [NCP] – Automatically eats soup for you when your health gets low. (KitPvP servers)
  • AutoSwim [NCP] – Automatically swims for you.
  • AutoTPAccept [NCP] – Automatically accepts /tpa requests from users in your friends list.
  • AutoWalk [NCP] – Automatically walks for you.
  • Breadcrumbs [NCP] – Draws a line behind you wherever you walk.
  • Bright [NCP] – Makes the world brighter. (Fullbright, Brightness, etc.)
  • CaveFinder [NCP] – Shows where caves are.
  • ChestESP [NCP] – Draws a box around chests.
  • Fastbreak – Breaks blocks faster than usual and gets rid of the break delay.
  • Fastplace – Removes the right click delay.
  • Fly – Allows you to fly.
  • Freecam [NCP] – Allows you to walk outside of your body and go through walls to inspect other parts of a map.
  • Glide [NCP] – Allows you to glide.
  • Highjump – Jumps [x] times higher than usual. (Default 3x)
  • Jesus – Allows you to walk on water.
  • KillAura [NCP] – Automatically attacks entities.
  • LockView [NCP] – When on, it will turn off the silent aimbot and aim physically. (Don’t turn on with Derp if you have photosensitive eyes)
  • MobESP [NCP] – Draws a box around mobs. (Blue for passive, red for hostile)
  • NameProtect [NCP] – Protects your name in the chat etc. by replacing it with your client name.
  • Names [NCP] – Makes name tags larger, more distinct, and shows the player’s distance away as well as their current health.
  • NoCheat [NCP] – Alerts you when you turn on a mod not compatible with NCP.
  • NoFall – Prevents fall damage.
  • NoKnockback [NCP] – Prevents knockback from anything. (Snowballs, players, fishing rods etc.)
  • NoSwing – Stops the swinging animation.
  • NoWeather [NCP] – Stops rain/storms on the client side.
  • Nuker – Breaks blocks very very fast. (Not to be confused with the l33t abo hake “Nucker”)
  • PlayerESP [NCP] – Draws a box around players.
  • Sneak [NCP] – Automatically sneaks for you.
  • Sprint [NCP] – Automatically sprints for you.
  • Step [NCP] – Automatically steps up a full block when collided horizontally.
  • Tracers [NCP] – Draws a line to all loaded players.
  • Track [NCP] – Draws a line or “breadcrumb” behind the selected player. (Set the player in the console or with chat commands)
  • TTFChat [NCP] – Makes the chat pwetty. (True Type Font chat)
  • Waypoints – Draws a box around the position and draws a tracer to the box. (Add them with the console or with chat commands)
  • Xray – Allows you to see through blocks to find ores.

How to use client / keybinds
– (minus key) = Console

  • alloff – Turns off all mods.
  • autoquit set [val] – Sets the value at which to quit. (For AutoQuit)
  • bind add [mod] [key] – Sets the keybind for the specified mod.
  • bind del [mod] – Removes the keybind from the specified mod.
  • bind show [mod] – Shows the current keybind of the specified mod.
  • cmdprefix set [char] – Sets the chat command prefix.
  • commands – Lists all commands.
  • enemy add [username] – Adds a user to the enemy list. (Enemies get prioritization in KillAura, get their names red, their tracers red, their PlayerESP red etc.)
  • enemy del [username] – Removes a user from the enemy list.
  • enemys clear – Clears the enemy list.
  • fakechat [msg] – Makes the specified message appear on the screen. (Uses “&” color codes. For example: “&cHello World” would make it red. Color codes: )
  • fly set [val] – Sets the fly speed.
  • friend add [name] – Adds a user the the friends list. (Friends are exempt in KillAura, get their names blue, their tracers blue, their PlayerESP blue etc.)
  • friend add [name] [alias] – Adds a user to the friends list with the specified alias. (
  • friends clear – Clears the friends list.
  • friend del [name/alias] – Deletes a user from the friends list.
  • getitems [username] – Shows the player’s items, enchants, etc.
  • help – Gives help.
  • help [mod] – Shows the description of the specified mod.
  • highjump set [int] – Sets the highjump multiplier.
  • killaura mode [players/mobs/both] – Switches between the KillAura modes.
  • killaura speed [val] – Sets the KillAura speed. (NCP <= 15)
  • killaura range [val] – Sets the KillAura range. (NCP <= 4.2)
  • nuker set [BlockName/ID) – Sets the target block for Nuker.
  • nuker mode [instant/click] – Sets the nuker mode.
  • say [msg] – Sends a chat message to the server. (eg. “.help”)
  • track [username] – Sets the Track username.
  • waypoints add [name] – Adds a white waypoint at your current position. (Turn on the Waypoints mod to see the waypoint)
  • waypoints add [name] [%r] [%g] [%b] – Adds a colored waypoint at your current position.
  • waypoints clear – Clears the waypoints list.
  • waypoints list – Lists the waypoints.
  • waypoints del [waypoint] – Deletes the specified waypoint.
  • xray add [BlockName/ID] – Adds a block to the xray list.
  • xray del [BlockName/ID] – Deletes a block from the xray list.
  • xray set [%] – Sets the xray opacity.

Client made by: Krisp

How to install Gemini

  • Download and extract the zip file. You now have a folder, this folder should contain a jar and json file.
  • Navigate to “%appdata%/.minecraft/versions” folder.
  • Move the hacked client folder from the downloaded zip file, to your .minecraft/versions folder.
  • Start the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click “New Profile”.
  • Choose a name for your profile.
  • In “Use verison:” choose “release [Client name]“.
  • Click “Save Profile”.
  • Enjoy Gemini !
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