Aristois for Minecraft 1.12.1 (OptiFine + Realms support)

Creator: Alexander/Deftware

Aristois has been updated to version 146, meaning it now supports Minecraft 1.12.1.

How to use Aristois

  • GUI/Menu: Right Shift
  • Commands: .help
  • Keybinding: .setbind [mod] [key]
  • IRC Help: #info


Aristois Hacked Client Aristois Hacked Client Aristois Hacked Client

Aristois Changelog

Build 146

Added AntiTotemAnimation
Fixed AutoTotem glitch
Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1

Build 145

Improved AutoTotem (Now uses offhand)
Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1
Build 144

Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1

Build 143

Added regen
Fixed waypoints
Fixed flight speed
Fixed fastbreak
Fastbreak now works in creative as well
Fixed fishing rods not working
Added team detection for killaura (Beta)
Added customizable speed for regen
Various bug fixes

Build 142

UI Updates
Fixed XRay blocks not being updated
Fixed AutoSprint trying to sprint in chat
Fixed some crashes
Various bug fixes

Build 141

Added scaffoldwalk
Added capes (For donors)
Added Anti-AFK
Fixed auto-totem description
Fixed crashes
Fixed some mods not loading
Various bug fixes

Build 140

Fixed lag when breaking blocks
Bug fixes

Build 139

Some nice UI updates
Changed mod categories
Bug fixes

Build 138

Moved to injection (Bypass MC EULA)

Build 134

Added realms support for 1.12 (When realms update to 1.12)

Build 133

UPDATED Aristois TO Minecraft 1.12!


Download Aristois free client below.


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