Wurst for Minecraft 1.12.1

Creator: Alexander01998

The popular Wurst Client has been updated to version 6.11.1 and now support Minecraft 1.12.1.

How to use Wurst (controls)

Click GUI / MenuLeft CTRL


Wurst Hacked Client - Minecraft Hack Wurst Hacked Client - Minecraft Hack Wurst Hacked Client - Minecraft Hack

Changelog for Wurst Client

  • Added Minecraft 1.12.1 compatibility mode. (MC 1.12 & 1.12 OF)
  • Renamed .binds clear-all to .binds remove-all.
  • Renamed .binds clear to .binds remove.
  • .binds add will now add a new keybinds instead of adding new commands to existing keybinds.
  • Keybinds can now be set to either toggle hacks or run commands. (.binds add r killaura and .binds add r .t killaura are both valid.)
  • Keybinds that don’t start with a dot will now be interpreted as commands rather than chat messages. (.binds add h Hello world. is no longer valid, but .binds add h .say Hello world. is.)
  • In addition to using ; in keybinds to separate multiple hacks/commands, one can now also use ;; to run a single command that contains ;. (.binds add h .say Hello;; world. is now valid and will output Hello; world. when pressed.)
  • Improved Keybind Manager performance.
  • Keybinds are now saved in a different format, but older keybinds.json files will be updated automatically.
  • Re-worded an error message in the installer that some users found difficult to understand.
  • Removed .binds set.

Update: Wurst 6.11.1

  • Fixed MC 1.12.1 mode using the wrong protocol number. (MC 1.12 & 1.12 OF)

Download the free open source Wurst client below.


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