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Xray mod is a simple to use and easy to install mod for Minecraft, that gives you the abillity to see through blocks. It is highly configurable and includes fullbright, configurable coordinates, cavefinder and many more features. It is not a seperat hacked client like the other hacks here, but a standalone mod for Minecraft. It works in multiplayer on servers, but like any Minecraft hack or hacked client you must be aware, this can get you banned on servers.

X-ray can be used to see through blocks etc., for example it lets you easily farm the blocks you want like diamond and gold ores.

Creator: AmbientOcclusion


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  • Xray / X-ray


How to use Xray


  • Xray User Interface = J
  • Enable Xray = X
  • Fullbright = L
  • Cave finder = C

Go to menu -> options -> controls… to edit the binds (scroll down to bottom).


Change what to show on coordinates display

Open the GUI (J), click Edit Coordinates. You can now modify what to be displayed.

You can use formatting codes.


{X}, {Y}, {Z} – XYZ coordinates
{X1}, {Y1}, {Z1} – XYZ coordinates with 1 decimal.
{X2}, {Y2}, {Z2} – XYZ coordinates with 2 decimals.
{ChunkX}, {ChunkY}, {ChunkZ} – the location of the chunk you’re in.
{ChunkPosX}, {ChunkPosY}, {ChunkPosZ} – your location within the chunk.
{FPS} – the FPS string.
{Biome} – the current biome you’re in.
{BlockLight}, {SkyLight} – the block light and skylight levels.
{LookingAt} – the coordinates of the block you are currently looking at.
{Compass} – the current direction you are facing.
{Fly} – if fly is enabled, and your current fly speed.



  • Does it work online in multiplayer?
    Yes, it will work on multiplayer servers in Minecraft. If you get caught you might get banned from the server though.
  • How to change keybindings?
    Keybindings can be configured in the controls window in-game.
  • Is it compatible with OptiFine?
    Yes, it works with OptiFine.
  • Will it break Redstone circuits?
    Nope. The mod works perfectly with Redstone.
  • Can I have the .class files to install manually?
    No, there are no class files to distribute.


How to install Xray mod

1. Automatic installation

Use the installer that comes with the mod. Simple download the installer, double click the file and select a profile to install into. You can select any profile you want, vanilla, Forge, modded or LiteLoader profiles are all compatible. It will automatically detect ATLauncher instances and Technic mod packs.

Open Minecraft and create a new profile with the Xray mod (release 1.x.x-XRay).

Troubleshooting – Installer opens in WinRAR?

If the installer opens in WinRAR or a similar program, you need to open with another program.

  1. Right click on the installer
  2. Choose “Open with”
  3. Select Java(TM) Platform SE binary (if this option is not available, you need to install Java).


2. Manual installaion

You can manually install the mod if you do not want to use the installer.

Forge & LiteLoader

Forge: place the downloaded file into your mods folder, just like you would normally install any Forge mod.

LiteLoader: place the file into your versioned mods folder (e.g. .minecraft/mods/1.8.8/Xray.jar).


Place the downloaded file into ATLauncher\Instances\[instance name]\mods where [instance name] is the name of the instance you want to install XRay into.


Place the downloaded file into .technic\modpacks\[modpack name]\mods where [modpack name] is the name of the modpack you want to install XRay into.



– added fly back — now called ‘survival fly’
– fly speed works in creative mode even if fly is not enabled

– fixed crash when running versions of Java below 8

– fixed {skylight} being incorrect on 1.7 versions
– fixed crash on startup
– performance improvements
– a lot of code refactoring that will make maintenance easier in the long run
– added search field to the user interface to make navigating the block list easier
– temporarily removed fly to consider separating into two separate mods and to push this update out faster

v4.1.7 (2015-08-07)
– added another Options config

v4.1.6 (2015-08-03)
– moved update message to the welcome screen
– cleaned up and improved installer code

v4.1.5 (2015-07-30)
– added support for Minecraft 1.8.8
– you now have to add ‘-Dxray.debug=true’ to the JVM Arguments to show why
blocks are being rendered in the game output
– cleaned up installer code
– added ATLauncher instances to the installer
– added Technic modpacks to the installer
– fixed some compatibility issues with previous configs
– config directory is now fixed to .minecraft/config/xray – you can still use
your old config files, but you have to copy them into this directory.
– added more details to the update message

v4.1.4 (2015-07-24)
– added ‘update all xray versions’ option to installer
– fixed the Minecraft version not being detected in some 3rd party launchers
– added Forge and LiteLoader profiles to the installer

v4.1.3 (2015-07-23)
– code cleanup for official release

v4.1.2 (2015-07-21)
– changed default block configs for cave finder and redstone
– fixed cave finder not working at all in 1.6.4
– code cleanup for release

v4.1.1 (2015-07-19)
– fixed compatibility issues when using optifines multi-core or smooth rendering
– fixed NullPointerException in 1.6.4

v4.1 (2015-07-19)
– more logging for troubleshooting
– fixed fullbright compatibility issue with optifine
– removed block dump
– block configs are now case insensitive
– block configs use inventory block names now
– will default to config/xray directory if config/xray4 doesn’t exist
– lots of small changes to the code base

v4.0.12 (2015-07-10)
– Rewrote the installer so in the future more options can be added to it
– Cleaned up the code quite a bit
– Fullbright now disables fog in all versions
– Changed how disable_fog works to support versions prior to 1.8
– Added fly speed back in all versions
– Fixed fall damage being disabled in 1.7.10 even after you disable fly

v4.0.11 (2015-07-05)
– fixed installer crash if Minecraft doesn’t have any profiles
– improved compatibility with technic
– fixed a crash in 1.6.4

v4.0.10 (2015-06-30)
– fixed loading crash

v4.0.9 (2015-06-29)
– Fixed crash if coords.txt is empty
– Changed internal ASM engine
– Lots of small little improvements to the code
– (experimental feature) Added fly speed back in 1.8.4-7

v4.0.8 (2015-06-27)
– Fixed compilation bug that rendered the entire mod useless (oops).

v4.0.7 (2015-06-27)
– Cleaned up and improved installer code so you can install XRay even if Minecraft hasn’t been run before
– Added ability to upgrade existing XRay profiles
– Added ability to install on top of existing modded profiles, rather than being forced to create a new one
– (experimental feature) Fullbright now disables fog in 1.8.4-7

v4.0.6 (2015-06-22)
– Restructured code to allow possibility of simple API in the future
– Fixed problem on case-sensitive operating systems
– Fixed crash when falling into void

v4.0.5 (2015-06-13)
– Jar now includes a mcmod.info file
– Added fly back (but not fly speed yet)
– Fixed some unnoticed, but serious bugs

v4.0.4 (2015-06-09)
– Changed default XRay.txt file
– Changed how the keybindings are injected into the game

v4.0.3 (2015-06-06)
– Added support for 1.8.7
– Fixed some issues with the new block configuration files

v4.0.2 (2015-06-04)
– Fixed compatibility bug with Java 6

v4.0.1 (2015-06-04)
– Fixed bug: duplicate keybinding
– Improved installer stability

v4.0.0 (2015-06-03)
– Added {compass} to the coordinates
– Added support for 1.8.4, 1.8.5, and 1.8.6
– Made crash dumps more useful
– Improved stability
– Changed how fullbright works for better compatibility with 3rd party mods
– Cleaned up a lot of the codebase
– Changed block config AGAIN
– Rewrote a lot of installer code to scale better as more versions of Minecraft come out
– Temporarily removed fly to push update out faster

v3.0.1 (2015-03-27)
– Fixed crash when trying to change fly speed when fly isn’t on
– Fixed all sides not being rendered on some blocks added by other mods

v3.0 (2015-03-24)
– Added support for 1.8.1, 1.8.2, and 1.8.3
– Major rewrite

v2.16.0 (2015-01-12)
– XRay will now update the configuration if more blocks are added mid-game
– Redesigned wildcard matching
– Rewrote the patching code (like 3 times)
– Rewrote the installer
– Merged all versions into a single download
– Will now display if there is an update in-game
– Lots of code restructuring

v2.15.2 (12/06/14)
– Fixed crash when Game Directory was modified.

v2.15.1 (12/06/14)
– Fixed case issue when overwriting a profile
– Changed how the installer retrieves the jar file

v2.15.0 (12/06/14)
– Rewrote most of the GUI and installer code
– Moved Cave Finder to its own profile file.
– Improved file parsing
– Added {X1}, {Y1}, {Z1}
– Fixed a bug in Coords.txt where it would not recognize the section character.
– Fixed compatibility bug with FML

v2.14.2 (11/29/14)
– Fixed a bug where blocks would not be rendered when looking straight down in 1.8 and 1.8.1

v2.14.1 (11/27/14)
– Excluded netherrack and soul_sand from the default XRay.txt
– Added {Biome} to Coords.txt

v2.14.0 (11/26/14)
– Made fullbright stay on if you toggle xray while fullbright is already on
– Made cave mode not automatically turn fullbright on
– Cave mode now shows lava and torches
– Restructured and cleaned up a lot of internal code
– Added XRay ‘profiles’
– Added ability to exclude blocks in XRay config files
– Added ability to use a wildcard in XRay config files
– Added {X2}, {Y2}, and {Z2} options for `Coords.txt`
– Fixed two small performance bugs
– Added support for 1.8.1

v2.13.0 (11/13/14)
– Made fly speed customizable
– Added ability to use formatting codes in `Coords.txt`
– Added {FPS}, {LookingAt}, {BlockLight}, and {SkyLight} options for `Coords.txt`
– Small performance improvements

v2.12.0 (11/11/14)
– Made the coordinates customizable
– Fixed bug where XRay was disabling itself on 1.8 when loaded via launchwrapper
– Reinfrastructured internal code

v2.11.1 (11/10/14)
– Fixed chunks not being rendered in 1.8

v2.11.0 (9/2/14)
– Updated for 1.8

v2.10.3 (9/1/14)
– Fixed bug in 1.6.4 where IDs weren’t recognized in the config files.
– Fixed SecurityException when using LiteLoader linked with Forge.
– Fixed voidfog bug in 1.7.10

v2.10.2 (8/31/14)
– Now checks for updates on an interval instead of every launch to conserve some bandwidth.
– Fixed NullPointerException when patching for forge/liteloader
– Cleaned up code quite a bit

– Fixed profile detection code for some LiteLoader profiles
– Updater now follows HTTP redirect
– Code clean up
– Cleaned up ’tile.name.block’ blocks in 1.6.4

– Started changelog
– New version scheme
– Fixed a bug in 1.6.4 where it would not detect mod blocks
– Lots of code optimization
– Improved loading performance
– Fixed asm bug when installing with optifine
– Added ability to add additional mods


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