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A lot of people ask us stuff like, is safe? Or, is legit? In this article, we will try to address some of these questions along with some other questions once an for all.

Is safe / legit?

Short answer: yes!

Long answer: We are a legit site, we provide users with the latest utility mods for Minecraft (which we call hacked clients or just hacks). All mods that are put up are tested and 100% working if you install them properly. We also scan ALL of the mods using advanced anti-virus software as well as with online tools like None of the mods contains any virus or malware, if they do we will simply not review them. That said, we do not develop or host any of the mods, we simply provide our review and a link to a place where you can download the mods.

Is malware free?

Absolutely yes!

We have no code whatsoever that distributes or installs malware or viruses on users computer. We do a lot to keep out hackers and other people that try to harm our users, and we frequently scan the files on our webhost to make sure nothing is infected. As said before, we do not host any utility mods on the site and we scan everything before we link to it. We have absolutely no interest in distributing viruses or malware. We thrive from our happy user base, and distributing malware would not only hurt our reputation, but also our ranking on Google.

If you ever see a warning about malware in your browser, it is most likely because the developers of the mods try to monetize their mods with URL shorten serviceses like This is not a warning about the mods themselves, but rather the advertising campaign being displayed to you, which has content that can be harmful.

Is Minecraft utility mods / hacks safe yo use?

Generally yes, as mentioned we do a lot to prevent viruses. That said, you should always be careful about anything you download online. Be critical about the content you are served before you install anything. We recommend that you have anti-virus installed with a good reputation and make sure you download the right files. The URL shorten serviceses can sometimes display ads for other programs with a big download buttons. Make sure you do not click on these and by accident download the wrong programs.

Do we break the Minecraft EULA?

Answer: NO!

Minecraft utility mods, at least the mods we review here on this site, does not contain the Minecraft source code. Instead they function as a mod for your own version of Minecraft. This will nok make you break the Minecraft EULA.

Can I get banned for using utility mods / Minecraft hacks?

As with all cheats and hacks, if you use them online in a multiplayer settings, you risk getting caught and banned for cheating. You will not get banned for using them in single-player, but if you go online on a server, you definitely risk getting banned. Most servers have rules that clearly states that cheats like Xray is not permitted on the server. Some servers has anti-cheat mods installed, which try to detect or prevent users from certain types of cheats. So, yes it is possible to get banned. Therefore any use of the mods online is at your own risk.

We hope that this article has helped answer some of your questions, if not feel free to leave a comment below.



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