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Creator: Alexander01998

Huge update of the Wurst Client for Minecraft 1.10.x – 1.10.2. Better noWalls, improves jesus, bug fixes and much more!


  • Added NoWalls: Allows you walk through walls!
    – Not all servers support this feature.
  • Added Fight Bot settings: Cooldown, Speed, Range, Distance.
  • Added YesCheat+ mode indicator: Displays the current YesCheat+ mode in the ModList.
  • Added Parkour: Makes you jump automatically when reaching the edge of a block – useful on parkour maps etc.
  • Improved Jesus: It will now make you sink down when sneaking and will no longer get stuck when used underwater.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Chest ESP.
  • Fixed a rare crash when processing entities.
  • Fixed a crash caused by corrupted chat messages.
    Notice: This is a bug in Minecraft itself. This fix only prevents the game from crashing, but messages will still be lost.
  • Fixed Step getting stuck at walls taller than 1 block while YesCheat+ is enabled.
  • Fixed Step not stepping when Auto-Jump is enabled.
  • Fixed Click Aura always using the KillAura settings instead of its own settings.
  • Fixed Fight Bot ignoring the attack cool down.
  • Removed “Jump” mode in Step, as that is now part of vanilla Minecraft.




.addalt: Adds a player or all players on a server to your alt list.
.annoy: Repeat everything a player says.
.bind: Create a keybind or lists all keybinds.
.clear: Clears the chat completely.
.fastbreak: Changes the settings of FastBreak or toggles it.
.gm: Types “/gamemode “.
.help: Shows the command list or helps you with a command.
.ip: Tells you the IP of the server you are playing on.
.nuker: Changes the settings of Nuker or toggles it.
.rv: Toggles RemoteView or makes it target a specific entity.
.say: Sends a chat message, even if the message starts with a dot.
.search: Changes the settings of Search or toggles it.
.stats: Lists some stats about the Wurst client.
.t: Toggles a command.

Fetures / Mods / Cheats

AntiKnockback: Protects you from getting pushed.
AntiSpam: Protects you from chat spam.
ArenaBrawl: Automatically plays ArenaBrawl on mc.hypixel.net.
AutoAdSign: Writes an ad for GriefWurst on every sign you place.
AutoBuild: Builds stuff whenever you place a block. Modes: Bridge, Floor, Swastika, Pen!s, Pillar, Wall, Wurst.
AutoMine: Automatically mines a block if you look at it.
AutoRespawn: Automatically respawns you whenever you die.
AutoSign: Instantly writes whatever text you want on every sign you place.
AutoSwitch: Switches the item in your hand all the time.
AutoWalk: Automatically walks all the time.
BuildRandom: Builds random stuff.
ChestESP: Allows you to see chests through walls. Works with piston crates.
Criticals: Changes all your hits to critical hits.
Derp: Makes other players unable to see where you’re looking at.
Dolphin: Automatically swims like a dolphin.
FastBreak: Allows you to break blocks faster.
FastEat: Eat faster.
FastLadder: Allows you to climb up ladders faster.
FastPlace: Allows you to place blocks 5 times faster.
FightBot: Automatically fights for you. Walks around and fight everything.
Flight: Gives you the ability to fly around.
Follow: Follows the closest entity.
ForceOP (a.k.a. AuthMeCracker): Cracks others AuthMe passwords. You can get OP by cracking an admin pass.
Freecam: Freecam mode, yo ucan move the camera around but your body stays the same place.
Fullbright: Allows you to see in the dark.
Glide: Makes you fall like if you had a hang glider.
Headless: Makes you look like you were headless.
HealthTags: Adds the health of players to their NameTags.
HighJump: Makes you jump six times higher.
/home: Types “/home” instantly.
InstantBunker: Instantly builds a bunker (5x5x3 with 57 blocks) around you.
Invisibility (aka. Godmode): Makes you invisible to other players if you die and respawn near them. Only works on vanilla servers.
ItemESP: Allows you to see items through walls.
Jesus: Allows you to walk on water. Jesus used this hack ~2000 years ago.
Jetpack: Allows you to jump in mid-air. Looks like if you had a jetpack.
Killaura: Automatically attacks everything in your range.
Liquids: Allows you to interact with liquid blocks.
LSD: Lots of colors.
MassTPA: Sends a TPA request to all players. Stops if someone accepts.
Miley Cyrus: Makes you twerk all the time.
MobESP: Allows you to see mobs through walls.
NameTags: Changes the scale of the nametags so you can always read them.
YesCheat+: Makes other mods bypass NoCheat+ or disables them.
NoFall: Protects you from fall damage.
NoHurtcam: Disables the annoying effect when you get hurt.
Nuker: Destroys blocks around you.
Only Mobs/Players: Makes other mods only target mobs or players.
Overlay: Renders the Nuker animation when you mine a block.
Panic: Turns off all enabled mods.
Phase: Exploits a bug in NoCheat+ that allows you to glitch through blocks.
PlayerESP: Allows you to see players through walls.
Protect: Follows the closest entity and protects it.
Regen: Regenerates your health 100 times faster.
RemoteView: Allows you to see the world as someone else.
Search: Helps you to find specific blocks. Use .search to specify it.
Sneak: Automatically sneaks all the time.
Spider: Allows you to climb up walls like a spider.
Sprint: Makes you sprint whenever you walk.
Step: Allows you to step up full blocks.
Timer: Changes the speed of almost everything.
Tracers: Draws lines to players around you.
TrueSight: Allows you to see invisible entities.
X-Ray: Allows you to see ores and caves through walls.


Wurst Hacked Client - Minecraft Hack Wurst Hacked Client - Minecraft Hack



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