Wolfram for Minecraft 1.10.X

Creator: Alexander01998

Wolfram is now updated to latest version of Minecraft (1.10.X – 1.10.2). Download this awesome Minecraft hack below.


  • Added Watchdog Bypass: Bypasses Watchdog, Gwen, etc. by preventing KillAura from attacking their fake entities.
  • Redesigned Player ESP: It is now a simple box rather than a round cage.
  • Added default settings for X-Ray
  • Fixed FreeCam getting stuck in walls
  • Fixed list GUIs (Account Manager, X-Ray Manager, etc.) not rendering properly
  • Fixed Tracers not rendering properly
  • Fixed the scoreboard not rendering properly
  • Fixed ProphuntESP causing a ton of lag sometimes
  • Fixed AirMove breaking Flight
  • Fixed GUI Presets breaking the Tab GUI


Wolfram Hack for Minecraft Wolfram Hacked Client

How to ues Wolfram

Menu/GUI = Left CTRL
GUI Quick Controls = Tab
IRC: @message


Features / mods / cheats

AimAssist, Aimbot, AirWalk, ArrowTrajectories, AntiAFK, AntiHurtcam, AntiSpam, ArmorESP, AutoArmor, AutoAttack, AutoDisconnect, AutoSteal, AutoEat, AutoFish, AutoMine, AutoShoot, AutoRespawn, AutoSoup, AutoSwim, AutoSword, AutoTool, AutoWalk, Blink, Breadcrumbs, BunnyHop, Bow Aimbot, CaveFinder, CameraNoClip, ChestESP, CivBreak, ClickAimbot, ClickAura, CommandBook, CompassTracer, CreativeFly, Criticals, Derp, Dolphin, FarmhuntESP, FakeHackers, FastBow, FastBreak, FastEat, FastFall, FastPlace, Fightbot, Flight, Flip, FlyBypass, ForceField, Freecam, Fullbright, Glide, Headles, HighJump, InvWalk, ItemESP, ItemLabelsixAura, Jesus, KillAura, MobESP, More Inventory, MultiAura, Nametags, NoBlind, NoBreakDelay, NoFall, NoFireworks, NoOverlay, NoSlowdown, Nuker, Panic, Paralyze, ParkourJump, Pathfinder, Phase, PlayerESP, PotionEffects, Projectiles, ProphuntESP, Reach, Regen, SafeWalk, Sneak, Spider, Sprint, SprintLegit, Step, Timer, Tracers, Twerk, TrueSight, Velocity, Wallhack, WolframChat, Wolfram HUD, Xray, Zoot

Download below!

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