Wurst 3.0 for Minecraft 1.9 (Update)


Wurst pre-release 2 is now online. This version includes lots of bug fixes and updated features.

Wurst Client is one of the most popular hacked clients/hacks for Minecraft. It is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

Wurst 3.0 pre2 changelog

  • Added tutorial to AntiAFK and Fullbright
  • Fixed AntiBlind
  • Fixed AntiSpam
  • Fixed AutoArmor
  • Fixed AutoRespawn
  • Fixed CaveFinder
  • Fixed ForceOP (AuthMe Cracker)
  • Fixed GUI problem
  • Fixed Item ESP
  • Fixed MassTPA
  • Fixed Player ESP
  • Fixed Player Finder
  • Fixed Mob ESP
  • Fixed ProphuntESP
  • Fixed Trajectories
  • Fixed .annoy
  • Fixed .invsee
  • Fixed the “You are using a cracked alt on a premium server” message.
  • Fixed Zoom
  • Fixed /home
  • Removed Flight Kick Bypass (Minecraft 1.9 patched it)



If your game crashes, try the following:

Delete the modules.json file in your Wurst folder (default location: %appdata%\.minecraft\wurst).

If this does not help, try to update to the latest version of Java 8.


How to use Wurst

Menu/GUI: Left CTRL





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