Wurst 3.0 FINAL for Minecraft 1.9

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The ultimate Minecraft hack – the Wurst hacked client has come to a final Minecraft 1.9 release. Download the Wurst 3.0 Final below. In the final release, all features should now work in 1.9.

Full Changelog

  • Updated everything to work with Minecraft 1.9.
  • Added BoatFly.
  • Added “Use Attack Cooldown As Speed” checkbox for Killaura.
  • Added tutorials for AntiAFK, AutoLeave, AutoSign, Fullbright, TP-Aura and Trajectories.
  • .jump will now work with Jetpack mod.
  • KillauraLegit will now face entities more quickly.
  • KillauraLegit will now work better with Criticals.
  • NameTags will now allow you to see the nametags of sneaking players.
  • Trajectories will now work with fishing rods and lingering potions.
  • Trajectories will now draw a smoother line when using potions, etc.
  • Removed Click GUI.
  • Removed Flight Kick Bypass (patched in Minecraft 1.9).
  • Removed OP-Sign (patched in Minecraft 1.9).
  • Removed the default keybind for FastPlace.



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