Update: Wurst Client for Minecraft 1.8.X – 1.8.9

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Wurst has been updated to version 2.16. This version works with all versions of 1.8 including 1.8.8, 1.8.9.

New in 2.16

This hack has been highly requested and honestly, it is a pretty cool thing. As the name suggests, TP-Aura (also known as EnderAura) is another type of Aura, similar to Killaura and MultiAura.

What is special about this Aura, is that it randomly teleports you around the entity that you are attacking. This makes it nearly impossible for a normal Minecraft player to hit you back.

Unfortunately, this also means that TP-Aura cannot bypass NoCheat+.

However it should work just fine on Mineplex and any other servers without NoCheat+, and it’s definitely a lot of fun on those servers.

While working on TP Aura, I also discovered some bugs that I think one or two people had reported as well.

Sliders were not always properly updating. For instance, if you tried to use Click Aura without having used Killaura before, the Range and Speed sliders would be set to zero.

This caused ClickAura to not attack anything, until you enabled KillAura at least once. This bug is now fixed and will no longer occur.

Another bug was that the FastBreak Speed slider, didn’t accurately set the FastBreak speed. Setting it to 2.5 for example, would actually set it to 2. This is now fixed as well.



New in 2.15

Better Navigator

Navigator has been improved in several ways since Wurst 2.13. The biggest and most noticeable change is that you will no longer need to shift-click or middle-click on a feature’s button in order to run its primary action.

Instead, the new Navigator lets you do that with a simple left click. There’s also an arrow on the right side of each button that allows you to open that feature’s Navigator page.

Below is a small table to show what the different kinds of clicks will do:

Type of ClickAction
Left-click on the buttonRuns the feature’s primary action (e.g. toggling a mod) or opens the feature’s Navigator page if it doesn’t have a primary action.
Left-click on the arrow / middle-click on the button / shift-click on the buttonOpens the feature’s Navigator page.
Right-click on the buttonOpens the feature’s tutorial if it has one. (Does nothing otherwise.)

Furthermore Navigator can now add keybinds for changing various settings. For instance, you can make keybinds to cycle through the different Nuker modes, to toggle the “Teams” option in Target or to adjust the Flight speed.

This was made possible by adding three new commands that can be keybinded and have direct access to the settings:

  • .setmode <feature> <mode_setting> (<mode>|next|prev)
  • .setslider <feature> <slider_setting> (<value>|more|less)
  • .setcheckbox <feature> <checkbox_setting> (on|off|toggle)

Looks complicated, but it really isn’t since Navigator will do most of this stuff automatically. Just go to the Navigator page of the feature that has the setting (e.g. Flight), click the “+” button in the Keybinds section and select what the keybind should do (e.g. “Increase Flight Speed”). Then select a key to trigger the keybind and you’re all set.


MenuWalk will no longer prevent you from respawning, no matter if AutoRespawn is turned on or off. We also fixed the Navigator button (in Navigator) sometimes being green.

New Commands

I’ve already covered three of the new commands in the section above, but we still got two more to go! The first one is called .modify. This command allows you to modify the NBT data and metadata of items. It requires creative mode, but doesn’t require OP.

Changing the metadata of items allows you to do things like:

  • Changing the damage of any tool, weapon or armor
  • Changing the color of wool, wood and stone

Changing the NBT data of items givs you options like:

  • Changing the name and lore of items
  • Changing the enchantments on items
  • Changing the effects of potions
  • Doing a variety of exploits that rely on NBT data
  • Probably even more…

The second new command is called .copyitem and it allows you to copy items that other people are holding or wearing. Again, it requires creative mode but not OP.

This command can be nice for trolling people on creative servers, as it copies the items with all of their damage values and custom NBT data. So if someone else has an enchanted diamond sword or a custom named chestplate, you can get an exact copy of it and pretend that you stole it from them.


AntiKnockback now has a Strength slider that lets you configure how much or how little of the knockback should be blocked out. It is set to 100% by default, but you can change it to something lower to make it look less suspicious.

The following commands now have primary actions:

  • .enchant
  • .features
  • .getpos
  • .ip
  • .jump
  • .leave
  • .nothing
  • .repair
  • .sv
  • .taco

We also added a tutorial button for .say command.



Download below.

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