Reflex Hacked Client w/OptiFine for Minecraft 1.7.2

Creator: Team Reflex

The Reflex hacked client is a classic Minecraft hack. It features more than 45 different cheats, so you could say it’s packed with all you would need from a modded client. It is developed by the Reflex Team, which is made up of Lead Designer Harrison and Lead Developer BillyBob. All cheats works on-demand with just a simple click via the in-game menu. Like many other clients, it features a nice in-game click GUI, which is possible to change via the theme selector. Overall a good hacked clients for people seeking increased functionality, be it for hacking, griefing or combat/PVP. Best of all, it’s free!

Overall Features

Packed with cheats
With over 45 features, the client almost has all you need.

Theme Selector
Choose how you want the client interface to be. It is possible to choose between 5 different themes – Syntax, iOS, Sleek, Reflex and Proximity.

In-game IRC
Reflex comes with a built in IRC client. Chat with other like minded players via the in-game Reflex IRC.

OptiFine is a mod for Minecraft which greatly enhances the graphics in Minecraft. This way you can enjoy your HD resource packs and tweak the graphics like you want to.

MultiOS Support
Whether you are playing on Windows, Linus or Mac OS, Reflex will work on your system. Reflex is fully compatible with the before mentioned operation systems.

Short review
While the client has many features, it is worth noting that some of them do not work properly. The installation was easy and didn’t cause any problems.

The client work in both singleplayer and multiplayer on servers, but use with caution. Some servers has mod installed which detects fly for example and it may get you banned.


Reflex Hacked Client for Minecraft Reflex Hacked Client Menu Reflex Hacked Client Menu Reflex Hacked Client Xray Reflex Hacked Client for Minecraft Reflex Hacked Client for Minecraft Reflex Hacked Client Xray Reflex Hacked Client Multiplayer

How to use / controls / usage

Right Shift: Click GUI/menu
Arrow keys: Navigate menu
Commands: .help
IRC: @message

Combat cheats

  • Kill Aura
  • Regen
  • Aimbot
  • God Mode
  • Auto Disconnect
  • Criticals
  • Auto Block
  • Trajectories
  • Anti Knockback

Player mods

  • Flight
  • Step
  • Nuker
  • Fast Place
  • No Cheat + Step
  • Dolphin
  • Anti Blindness
  • Fast Break
  • Sprint
  • Climb
  • Bunny Hop
  • No Fall
  • Sneak
  • Anti Fall
  • Auto Tool
  • Auto Mine
  • Packet Sneak
  • Glide

Display hacks

  • Chest ESP
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Player ESP
  • Mob ESP
  • Prophunt ESP
  • Fullbright
  • Waypoints
  • Nametags
  • Night vision
  • WordEdit ESP

Misc cheats

  • Timer
  • AutoFish
  • Derp
  • Rage Mode
  • No Swing
  • Hyper
  • Auto Switch
  • Astrounaut

Settings and more

  • Info – coordinates
  • FPS
  • Values (nuker size, aura distance etc.)
  • Enabled mods
  • Theme selector
  • OptiFine
  • MultiOS Support
  • In-game IRC

How to install Reflex for Minecraft

1. First

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Close Minecraft (if open).

2.1 For Windows

  • Navigate to:
  • Move the ReflexClient folder to:

2.2 For Mac

  • Navigate to:
  • Move the ReflexClient folder to:

2.3 For Linux

  • Navigate to:
  • Move the ReflexClient folder to:

3. Create a new profile

  • Open the Minecraft launcher
  • Click on “New Profile”
  • Settings:
    • Profile Name: Reflex
    • Use version: release ReflexClient
  • Save Profile
  • Chose the newly created profile “Reflex″ and click “Play”.
  • Enjoy !
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