Wurst 3.1 for Minecraft 1.9


The popular Wust client has gotten yet another update! This update includes improvements and bug fixes. The client works for Minecraft 1.9 and is loaded with features.


  • Fixed Killaura not properly bypassing when hitting entities behind the player.
  • Fixed the Alt Manager not saving alts for some people.
  • Fixed Nuker kicking you from the server.
  • You can now bind multiple commands to the same key. The commands are separated by a semicolon in the keybind manager. In Navigator, adding a new keybind to a key that is already binded, will add the new command without removing the old command. Removing a keybind through Navigator, will now only remove the selected command instead of removing all keybinds.
  • The Alt Manager will no longer log you in multiple times, when editing or adding an alt. his means that you will no longer be IP banned from Mojangs login servers, unless you manually log in multiple times.
  • FastLadder will now climb ladders roughly 15% faster.
  • Improved the search bar in Navigator.
  • The Alt Manager now supports unchecked alts.

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Download Wurst 3.1 below.

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