Minecraft 1.11 Realms LiquidBounce Client

Creator: CCBlueX

LiquidBounce has launched for Minecraft 1.11 and is compatible with Minecraft Realms. This Minecraft hack features a lot of different hacks and bypasses.

Key features

  • Built-in OptiFine mod.
  • MultiOS Support.
  • Compatible with Minecraft Realms.
  • Lots of features/mods/cheats/hacks!


LiquidBounce Client LiquidBounce Client LiquidBounce Client Minecraft Hack


build 1:

Updated 1.8 Source to 1.11.

Removed AutoBlock.

Added cooldown support to killaura.

Added cooldown support to trigger.

Added BedGodMode module.

Removed Animations module.

Removed NoWalls.

Removed Regen.

Removed Zoot.

Removed FastUse.

Removed AutoJump.

Added WizardBot.

Added Wizardbot command.

Added VehicleFly.

Added GlowESP.

Added Taco command.

build 2:

Fixed color string bug in nametags module.

Added NoPush module.

Added remove subcommand to bind command.

Added ElytraFly.

Added VanillaSpeed setting to Fly module.

Added StickyPlayer.

Fixed color bug in GuiMultiplayer.

Improved TabGui design.

build 3:

Improved TabGui design.

Fixed AutoArmor.

Added AntiLevitation module.

Fixed ChestStealer module.

Fixed LiquidWalk module.

Added Bungeecord Spoof.

build 4:

Fixed Shaders.

Removed debug message if you use cheststealer.

Updated WizardBot to the new WizardCraft map.

Improved nuker.

Fixed damage if you attack with killaura, trigger, wizardbot.


How to use LiquidBounce (controls)

Menu/GUIRight Shift
Tab GUIArrow keys (up, down, left, right)

Free download below!

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