Matix Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.7.4/1.7.2


This client is HUGE, not only by filesize, but also on features. The GUI is beautiful designed, making it one of the best looking client we have seen so far.  The client is currently in beta, but so far its awesome. It has all the features you need like fly, Xray, nuker, PvP hacks, console commands etc. Only problem is that some of the features are not working yet (because it’s in beta). Most features works in multiplayer on servers and almost all of them in singleplayer.

Movement features:

  • ACFly: Fly Bypass for AntiCheat
  • AntiFall: Uses NCP bug so you won’t fall off blocks (Perfect for Jump’n’Run”
  • AutoShift: Automatically holds shift when you jump on a ladder
  • AutoWalk: Automatically Walks for you
  • Bunnyhop: self explanatory
  • Faststep: Step up stairs fast
  • Fly: Fly Hack
  • Follow: Follows a Player | Only Looks at him, Walk is toggleable
  • Freecam: self explanatory
  • Glide: Glide through the map like you are using a ladder
  • HighJump: Jump High
  • Jesus: Walk over water
  • LongJump: Jump Long
  • NoSlowdown: No Cobweb slowdown
  • SafeWalk: You won’t destroy Seeds etc.
  • Sneak: self explanatory
  • Speed: Modify the runspeed
  • Spider: You can go up walls
  • Sprint: Automatically sprints if you press Forward
  • Step: Step higher
  • Vanilla Bypass: Bypasses Flyhack on Vanilla Servers/Bukkit without AC/NCP

Combat features:

  • AntiHurtCam: Disables the Shaking/red screen when you get attacked
  • ArrowDodge: Avoids getting hit by an Arrow
  • AutoPVP: Automatically PVPs for you (walks to enemies and attacks them)
  • Autosoup: Automatically eats soup
  • BowAimbot: Aimbot for the Bow
  • ClickAimbot: Aims/Attacks when you click left mouse
  • Criticals: Jumps when you hit an entity so you inflict more damage
  • FastBow: Arrow Machinegun
  • Forcefield: attacks more enemies at once
  • Killaura: Automatically attacks enemies nearby
  • NoVelocity: AntiKnockback + No water push
  • QuakeBot: Aimbot for the Quake minigame
  • TriggerBot: Attacks when you hover a enemie

Player features:

  • AntiFireBall: Blocks thrown Fireballs
  • ArrayList: Displays the current active hacks in the top right corner
  • AutoAccept: Automatically accepts teleport requests sent by friends
  • AutoArmor: Automatically puts Armor on
  • AutoFish: Automatically fishes for you
  • AutoMine: Automatically Mines
  • AutoRegister: Registers you Automatically
  • AutoRespawn: You respawn automatically
  • AutoSign: Saves the entered text so you can spam with Signs
  • Autotool: Automatically picks the best tool for blocks you hit
  • Build: Automatically build structures with RightClick
  • Derp: ServerSide Derp
  • Drop: Drops the items you got in your inventory
  • Fastplace: Place blocks fast
  • Hump: ServerSide Hump
  • InfoTab: Shows a Tab with Information about the Player
  • L33tSp34k: Replaces some of the written letters with numbers
  • Minimap: Rei’s Minimap
  • NoSwing: Disables Swing
  • PotionEffects: Shows your current Potions
  • Projectiles: Predicts Projectiles like Arrows, Snowballs and Potions
  • Radar: Shows players nearby
  • Regen: FastHeal
  • Speedmine: Mine faster
  • Waterbreath: *You need a Bucket for this* Anti Drown

World features:

  • AntiAfk: Sends a Random Command to the Server so you won’t get flagged as AFK
  • ArmorESP: Shows weared Armor of enemies
  • BlockESP: Draws a ESP around special Blocks
  • CaveFinder: Displays Caves
  • ChestESP: ESP for Chests
  • Fullbright: self explanatory
  • MobESP: ESP for Mobs
  • NameProtect: Set Nicknames for Players
  • Nocheat Mode: Disables all hacks, that are detected by NoCheatPlus
  • Nofall: Disables Fall Damage
  • NoRender: Disables Item Rendering (Increases Performance)
  • NoWeather: No Rain/Snow will be shown
  • Nuker: self explanatory
  • PlayerESP: ESP for Players
  • Reverse Nuker: Instead of removing blocks, it sets them
  • SpleefNuker: Nuker for Spleef
  • Timer: Speed up/Slow down the game
  • Tracers: Shows lines to enemies
  • Trail: Draws a Trail behind you
  • Wallhack: Lets you see entities trough walls
  • WorldEditESP: makes the marked field of WorldEdit visible
  • Xray: self explanatory


Matix Hacked Client for Minecraft Matix Hacked Client for Minecraft Matix Hacked Client for Minecraft Matix Hacked Client for Minecraft

` ~ Grave | Right Shift = GUI
AutoPVP = – (minus)
BlockESP = I
ChestESP = C
Console = Y
Fly = R
Fullbright = B
Glide = Z
Jesus = O
KillAura = F
NoCheat = V
NoFall = N
Nuker = {
PlayerESP = . (period)
Radar = U
Sprint = M
Step = K
Xray = X


Client made by: Paxii

Q: How do I open the GUI/Console?
A: Press grave for the GUI and Y for the console.

Q: I can’t open the GUI on a mac!
A: You have to rebind the key for the GUI (Mac doesn’t have grave). In console: type “.keybinds set GUI [key]”. Enter the desired key where it says [key].

Q: How to use [mod name]?
A: Open the console and enter “help [mod name]“. It shows the available commands for it.

Q: What are the commands for [mod name]?
A: Open the console and type “help [mod name]”.

Q: How do i talk in IRC?
A: Open Chat and type @ in front of your message.

Q: How do I turn off IRC?
A: Use “irc toggle” in the Console.

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