Update: Wurst 2.20


Wurst had got yet another update. Unfortunately it does not include a version for Minecraft 1.9, it does however include some new features. The creator, Alexander01998 is working on an updated version and we think it will be out soon.

Release notes


AutoSplashPot is similar to AutoSoup, but it will automatically throw splash potions of healing rather than eating mushroom stew.

In games where you get a lot of those potions, this mod can work as a kind of Regen for NoCheat+ servers. As long as you have enough potions left, you are virtually invincible.


Trajectories draws a line showing where your arrows or throwable items would go if you were to shoot or throw them right now.

Some people prefer this over BowAimbot, as it gives you more control about where you shoot the arrow while still allowing you to aim precisely at entities.

But Trajectories is not only good for shooting with a bow. It also works with snowballs, eggs, ender pearls and splash potions.


AutoSoup automatically makes you eat soup whenever your health is below the set value. It will also move soup from your inventory into your hotbar so that you can eat it.

This mod is especially useful in PVP games such as KitPVP, where players are equipped with an entire inventory full of soup. Some servers also make it so that eating the soup directly refills your health bar rather than just your hunger bar.



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